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BASIC 1 name whitney 2 age 13 3 sex girl 4 location miami,FL 5 do… - anything goes

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February 8th, 2005

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06:22 pm


1 name whitney
2 age 13
3 sex girl
4 location miami,FL
5 do u like it? its ok
6 hair color brownish blondish redish
7 eye color brown
8 personal style rocker u guess,but i can be girly.


9 4 movies ginger snaps 1-3,the good girl,south park blu,IT
10 4 tv shows south park,boy meets world,friends
11 3 books the boy next door,IT,the night i dissapeared
12 4 bands blink 182,EM,good charlet,linkon park
13 food depends on what im in the mood for.
14 person cassie and samantha
15    why Cassie is my best friend,and even though we cant hang out right now,i know nothing will change between us.she's very funny,and we have a lot in commen

Sam because she's alot like me,in ways,and very diffrent in other ways,she a good friend,thinks im funny,and has always been there for me.


16 drugs they are bad m'ccay
17 paris hilton she's a slut and young girls should not look up to her
18 sex before mariage only and only if your in love
19 gay mariage im, for it because if people who like people of the same sex,are just like us.even tho i dont understand it,it works for them.
20 fads no.i dont go aganst whats cool,but i wont go out and buy something i dont like because its cool.

Current Mood: blahblah

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Date:February 8th, 2005 11:23 pm (UTC)
yes i let my self in.

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